A quick visit to the CERN Control Centre (CCC) where our nice host was having fun highlighting what already runs and will soon run on #kubernetes, and what can happen when things break 🙂

Also something i did not know existed… the LHC Announcer page:

We should add a countdown to beam injection 🙂

The Cistercian numerals

The Cistercian numerals are a forgotten number system, developed by the Cistercian monastic order in the early thirteenth century, much more compact than Arabic or Roman numerals: with a single character you could write any integer from 1 to 9999

New logo

In 1971, Nike hired a student to create a logo. She was paid $35 for her design.

Carolyn Davidson was a graphic design student.

She needed cash and was offered $2 an hour for her work.

She was paid $35, after creating the design in about 17 hours.

She later received 500 shares after Nike’s IPO, which she never sold.